Natural Frozen Cycle 😀

Feeling positive about our next cycle. No down regulation, no injections, no blood tests, only one scan and just oestradol tablets daily. Praying it goes to plan, me and frozen cycles do not have a good history

🙏🙏 x


IVF FROZEN TRANSFER – Taking it in my stride 🙈

OK so I did think that this time would be different. I’d be cool about it and it wouldn’t affect me as much . . . . . However it is only a few hours since we got back from the hospital and I’ve already worked out potential due dates and now I’m shopping for prams!!!

Arrrggghhh here we go again…. buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride

Chapter 2 Starts Here 😀

Today we went for our meeting at St Mary’s to start frozen Cycle. I was very nervous, not least because down reg took 9 months last time and I spent that time so frustrated and upset, going round in circles. I was hoping the plan would be to put me on Cetrotide day 1 as that is what worked last time but they don’t do it like that any more, no down reg is needed apparently, just take hormone tablets on day 1. No injections or blood tests 😀😀 yay!!!

After reading my notes from last time the consultants need to work out a plan especially for me, sometimes being special isn’t always great 😂.

Scan on Tuesday, watch this space . . . . .

Returning for our frosty snowmen 4 years on 😀😀

So the time has come to decide whether to try again with all the roller coaster emotions which it will no doubt entail………. or be happy with our lot, we have a perfect almost 4 year old and things cannot get better than this.

I would love to say that this time round will be different as the pressure will be off but I’m already looking at maternity leave and due dates.

We have our appointment 10th Jan so will find out then what the plan is. I just keep worrying about the last frozen cycle which lasted 10 months due to problems with down reg not working, it was sooo upsetting and frustrating!

Praying it will at least be a smooth cycle but can’t help thinking I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t work 🤔🤔🤔

Week 38 – Induction part 2

So they checked me at 7.30, 3cm dilated.   MW said she could break my waters but there was no room in the delivery Ward so she would give me some more gel in the hopes that would start labour.  8.45 contractions started but so did the sickness so i spent the following two hours throwing up through the pain! !  and by 10.30 I was crawling round on all 4’s in agony but I couldn’t take any pain killers as could not keep them down.

At this point all I could do was take over the bathroom for the following 2 hours,  I wallowed in a hot deep beautiful Bath until gone 12, it really helped,  it took the edge off the pain, I could have stayed in there all day.   That was until I felt a bit strange about 12.30 so I got out of the bath to use the toilet then ‘pop’ my waters went.   I sat back on the toilet and they were gushing out,  at this point I got scared.   OH was still at work,  they said it would probably take days and now the reality was that it was probably not going to take days but no-one could say how long!

I went back to room in AAU and rang OH so he set off but at work, was more than 2 hours away.  The contractions got gradually stronger and stronger until they were unbearable and even harder because I was in a room on my own crawling around the floor in agony! !  then gas and air came to the rescue and that’s all I needed.  By 2.30 I was fully dilated and wheeled round to the labour Ward,  still no sign of OH but TBH  was far too preoccupied to panic.  
OH arrived about 3pm  by which time I was in the final stage.   Unfortunately there were complications as my blood pressure was rising and so was babies heart rate so I was rushed to theatre in the end and ended up having a spinal and forceps delivery.   Smudgy was finally delivered safely at 18:52 27th  January and I was home the following afternoon.


All I can say at this point is I’m so relieved and so completely in love.   The years of pain and heart ache were so definately worth it and I’d do it all again tomorrow.

Week 38 – induction part 1

Not a lot to tell really.   They started the induction about 11.40 last night.   The plan was to monitor smudgy for 40 minutes, if all was ok they would administer the ‘gel’, monitor for another 40 minutes and then if everything ok they would leave me for 6 hours before checking cervix for ‘softening’ and likely start the process again.  

However some of us it seems were taking the whole process more seriously than others!   Whilst they were monitoring smudge for the first 40 minutes,  she fell asleep!! Apparently it looks like she’s a thumb sucker and she just put her thumb in and fell sound asleep meaning that they could not monitor until she woke up!  So it was 2 hours later before the gel was administered! This all sounds very familiar, she slept right through the 4D scan too, no amount of poking or cajoling  was waking this baby up! !  I really hope she sleeps so much on the outside ha ha.

They’re checking me again at 7.30 this morning.  This could take a while 🙂 xx

Week 37 & 38 – WOW

37w – i have been really sore this week with painful skin stretching. I’ve been slapping on the cream though and have got away with still no stretch marks yay!!

Nursery livable,  still got transfers to do on Wall but it is babies name so I don’t want to do them yet just in case we change our mind once she’s born.






Last Sunday we went for a meal with OH family which turned into a kind of impromptu baby shower.   Loads of lovely pressies and a hamper from OH mum and sister.


37+6 – Anyway to get to the main reason for this post for 38 weeks,  this morning I went for routine 38 week antenatal apt which turned out to be not quite as routine as first thought.  My blood pressure was up and protein in sample,  they took bloods and sent me up to antenatal assessment unit,  due to pre-eclampsia they are inducing me,  not next week or tomorrow,  TONIGHT! ! Suddenly after feeling like everything was sorted,  I feel completely unprepared! ! Scared,  excited then scared again.   Just hope it’s over quick and doesn’t drag on for days.

Wow,  the time really is here still amazed!!!!!!!