1DP2DT – It only took one.

And yet again I am taking this relaxing thing just one step to far! !  I am lucky that it’s half term so I don’t have to get up if I don’t want.   Still lounging in bed at 9am. Luckily I’m back in work and college next week so hopefully it should take my mind off things.

I’ve found previously that the second week is the hardest.   This is my third cycle and this time I have taken the conscious decision to test early.   My official test date is not until 16th November which is 18DP2DT and that is far too long for me! ! 

In my first 2ww I didn’t test early and I found  it stressful and I was devastated when it hasn’t worked because all the way through I’d assumed it had.  

Last time I tested from day 7 onwards which meant that at first I was disappointed but knew there was still a small chance and for me it was a way of letting myself down gently! !  I found it much less stressful.   I’m armed with packet fulls of cheap tests from Ebay and I’m going to start testing probably from day 7 or maybe even before.

I’m feeling surprisingly positive after all the disappointment of the eggs falling by the wayside :).  Today I truly believe that it has only taken one!!! My Lil Louis is a fighter and I’m sure he’s making himself nice and comfy as we speak.

I hope this attitude lasts to test day, I’ve got a really good feeling about 3rd time lucky  🙂


Transfer #3 – Day 2 transfer . . . . .

My little embaby Louis is home and safe (hopefully) he made it to the 4 cell stage before transfer and was a grade 3 so he’s got a fighting chance. 

I would have posted a pic but clinic ran out of paper so I didn’t get one 😦

And now the dreaded 2ww!!!


Sigh of relief. . . . . .

Just had the phone call from the embriologist and loui now has two cells.   It’s such a relief,  he said its good grade but they will grade again when I get there.   Hopefully it will be 4 cell by the time of transfer at 12.30.

Thanks to everyone for all your good wishes and support,  it really means alot xxxx

Doh!! Broke my no googling rule already . . . .

On the plus side it’s made me feel a little bit better.   Reading stats for 2 and 3 day transfers it appears that there is not a great deal of difference in outcome rate.   It looks like they only usually wait longer so that they can choose the strongest.   I suppose I am a more suitable home for my little trooper than a dish is 🙂

Quality not quantity is what matters.

I just pray trooper is strong and has made it through the night.   On pins till embriologist rings this morning.

My little fighter shall now known as Louis (meaning fighter) another product of my banned Google searches ha ha x

Gutted . . . .

Well embriologist just rang and only one embryo survived the night.   Because of this they want me to have transfer on day 2 which I have never heard of before but I’m sure they know what they are doing.

Praying tonight that this is THE one and is hard as nails!  After all it did survive when the others didn’t.  

Planning a day off complete bed rest tomorrow to give it the very best chance.



Long long night . . . .

They got 9 eggs so not too bad.   Now am just waiting for the call from the embriologist tomorrow to let me know how many made it through the night.   Bracing myself.  I remember last time being really upset because only 4 out of 9 had survived  but this time I’m going with the attitude it only takes 1!!!!!

Exciting times xxx