Week 7 + 1 – Not much to update

The dull AF ache got really annoying this week as it went on for days and made me very uncertain of the outcome for a few days.  I wake up with a strong thirst most mornings.  I’m still unable to eat much, I’m having to eat little and often rather than 3 full meals. 

Apart from that no other symptoms.  I did sneak another digital test which, as I was warned by another blogger,  only goes up to 3 weeks.   Gutted it just read 3+ but I suppose it’s not gone down which is a good sign.   Roll on next Thursday (8 week scan) seeing has got to be believing! !!   I’m praying for a heart beat xx

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Week 7 – It’s who you know ;-)

I’m a lot more at ease today thanks to a friend I used to work with.   I went for my ultrasound yesterday to check that the pleural effusion in my chest was subsiding, it is,  it’s down from 5cm to 3cm this week. 

As we chatted I asked if he could have a quick look at the reason why my belly is so swollen.   The outcome was a couple of cysts which he said not to worry about,  the progesterone which can cause severe bloating apparently.   also my ovaries are still very large, I thought they’d have calmed down long before now! Apart from that everything looked normal and he did a quick detour to have a quick check on my little miracle.  Everything is normal he is the right size and looks good.   He said if I’m worried,  to ring and he’d book me another scan.  Do you think he may regret that comment if I ring every day ha ha.

Hopefully now I can hold out till official scan next Thursday (3rd July).

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Week 6 + 4 – Update

Today is 6w 4d  and it’s looking like OHSS is disappearing fast.   The fluid had almost gone.   I have a scan tomorrow to be sure but I can feel myself my chest is better,  I’m only getting out of breath when I walk quite a distance now.   As for my belly,  it’s almost back to normal. 

So now onwards and upwards.   I need to do a shop to fill my kitchen with vitamin crammed goodies which will help my little miracle to thrive and grow.   
So hopefully getting back to normal this week so can start making some plans.

I’ve had dull AF type aching this morning but apart from that my symptoms are still nil.   No taste in my mouth,  hunger (in fact is the opposite I’ve not been able to eat much at all) no sickness.  Doing test after test to prove hCG levels are not reducing and they don’t seem to be


   Roll on 3rd July, hopefully seeing is believing x

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Week 6 +3 – Just can’t win . . .

I think today is the first day in 3 weeks that I feel myself again.   I can actually walk up the stairs without having to stop half way.   My belly is still very distended but at least today I only look 4 month pregnant rather than the 8 months pregnant I have looked so far !!!!

My attentions are now turned to the miracle hopefully growing inside.   I feel anxious today,  maybe because I was used to the hospital closely monitoring everything and now I have no idea if everything is still going to plan.   For all I know it could have gone now.  I keep doing tests and they’re positive but I’m sure hCG must stay in your system for a while after miscarriage.  I’ve not had a bleed but I rarely do and I know the progesterone can halt AF.  I’ve bought some digital tests today with conception indicator so hopefully they should say 4-5 or more as the last one said 2-3.  Hopefully that should put my mind at rest.

I’ve not got the scan for 2 Weeks but have to keep telling myself that when I had the last scan last week,  everything looked as it should at this stage.   I always thought BFP would be a relief but I’m finding it to be far from that! ! 

I wonder if at any point I’ll actually be able to enjoy this experience? ??

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Week 5 +4 – Highlight of a very boring week! !

Yup I’m still here 😦

They’ve started me on antibiotics today so hopefully will see rapid improvement in the next couple of days.   They are still hesitant to drain it if it will absorb naturally.   Also the girl next to me had a drain put in yesterday and had been in agony so I’m just going with it and hoping for the best.

On the plus side,  the film “the holiday” is on in a few minutes.   Sad to say that a film this cheesy can be the highlight of my weekend 🙂 x

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OTD – Deja vu

After being discharged last night not much has changed. I woke up this morning unable to breathe and was rushed back to hospital and have been re admitted 😦

I’ve just had a scan which shows the pleural effusion had not changed since last week. I’m a bit confused as to why they discharged me yesterday if nothing has changed but yesterday morning I felt great! Anyway looks like I’ve got another weekend locked up 😦 damn you OHSS!!

On the plus side, just about had time for more testing lol


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