Thank God for Robert G Edwards

Reading through all your blogs recently had made me quite emotional when I realise how lucky we all are to live with the invention that is IVF. 

Disregarding how invasive,  painful,  stressful and down right inconvenient it all is,  it seems in the last few months (in my virtual community anyway) to have created a baby boom.   Allowing us to know what it is to have a child and to enjoy a healthy pregnancy with all the emotions and experiences that go with that.

It’s strange but the last couple of weeks while I’ve been able to feel the baby move, it’s made me sad when I realise what I almost missed out on.

Thank God for science and the people who care enough about science and new life to develop the processes that have made so many, the people and families that they are today.


Thank you Robert G Edwards,  we salute you xxx


Week 24 + 4 – Panic and reassurance

After last week’s over confidence of feeling movement on a daily basis.  The last 24 hours have been completely different.

For the last 2 weeks I have felt movements pretty much all day.  Very definite kicks and punches first thing in the morning while still in bed.  Definite kicks and punches after meals when relaxed and the same again when relaxed at night.   The rest of the day I could feel her twisting and turning and swooshing about.  The last few days I have been able to feel her sticking her head/bottom out for a few minutes every day. 

However, after her being really lively and jumping around first thing  yesterday morning, since then I had nothing at all,  no turning,  no kicking,  nothing!   I tried eating,  cold drinks,  ice cream, walking around,  relaxing and still nothing.   Cue start of panic! !


It got to this morning and I decided to ring the midwife.   I was half expecting her to say that this is quite normal and not to worry but no,  she told me to go down straight away to get checked out.  

We got down there expecting a three hour wait before we saw anyone and was amazed,  we went into the waiting room for 10 minutes then went straight in to see a midwife.  She felt around but could not feel where little smudgy was :-/ so she got the doppler out and heard heartbeat (massive sigh of relief).  She explained that she must have hidden herself and limbs must be facing backward as she could not feel them.   This was the reason I could not feel anything.  She told me not to just think in the coming days, “oh she must be hiding still because I can’t feel her”  if I still feel nothing in the coming days,  I’m to ring them for advice and maybe go back for check up.  She measured my bump and plotted it on my GROW chart and it was bang on where it should be


I really can’t fault St. Mary’s so far.   The midwife today was fanastic!  Rather than making me feel silly (which I was expecting)  she reassured me and I felt I was totally right to be concerned.

After getting home I had breakfast and laid on the sofa and the little tinker was jumping around like there was no tomorrow.   I blinking knew that would happen! At least she didn’t do that in front of the midwife and show me up ha ha.

Week 24 – And finally V day

Today is a happy day.   Today my little smudge reached viability stage,  meaning if she was born from this day onwards the hospital would intervene to save her no matter what she has a 40% chance of survival outside the womb at this stage.   Of course I’m praying this doesn’t happen but I never thought I would get this far and can now breathe a sigh of relief!


I joined an online birth club and one of the girls in the group had her baby a week ago at 23 weeks.  She is tiny and on a ventilator but she’s getting stronger every day,  certainly brings it home that I am actually carrying a real baby,  I must admit I do have days when I find that very hard to believe.

At this stage I can feel movement on a daily basis, mostly at night when I’m completely relaxed.  I started feeling it at about 20 weeks just like a pulsing (almost like you sometimes get under your eye).  I’ve now felt quite a few kicks from outside the bump which is amazing! !  I’ve not felt the need to use the doppler for weeks now.

Time to get my act together,  this really is happening,  I’m going to be a mother! !!

Week 23 – Update on unicornuate uterus

I realise that I have not recently given any information on how my condition is affecting my pregnancy.  When I originally found out and did some Internet searches I could not find much information which was one of the reasons I started the blog. 


I was told long before I got pregnant,  even before I started the IVF that the unicornuate uterus should not affect getting pregnant and most people who have this don’t know until after they get pregnant,  some never know!   The only reason I had to have IVF is because I only have one tube (related to unicornuate uterus) and the other one is completely fused.   I also have PSOS.   

So far in the pregnancy by 23 weeks it’s been plain sailing (touch wood! ).  I have been under consultant care and my obstetrician has referred me to the preterm clinic.   The only reason for this is because my uterus is half the size of normal which may (due to lack of space for baby) trigger early labour (similar to how it could for twins).  

I had the first appointment at 18 weeks,  one at 23 weeks (today) and have my last one with preterm at 28 weeks.   At these appointments I see a midwife as normal for urine/blood pressure checks etc,  they also do an internal scan to check the length of my cervix which would show early signs of premature labour being likely.   My cervix had been found normal so far.  

At 28 Weeks the survival rate of a premature birth is over 90% so I will then be referred back to my consultant and depending what she thinks I will be referred either to the antenatal clinic or I will continue under her consultant care.

So to any of you reading this who have maybe just had this diagnosis,  it will not necessarily affect anything at all.  I hope this info will put your mind at rest.  

Week 21+1 – Old wives tales or gender prediction

So I have done all the tests you can think of:

Chinese gender test says boy.
Bicarbonate of soda test says girl.
I’d say nub theory says girl.
Skull theory looks like boy. 
Heartbeat theory says boy.
Bump is all out the front which says boy.

Yesterday I had my 20 week anomoly scan on Monday (20+6).  To say I was nervous was an understatement.   I’m not sure if it’s because of my journey to get here but I can’t help thinking that it’s about time something went wrong.   So far (since being hospitalised with OHSS for 2 weeks) the pregnancy had been plain sailing. 

After a slap in the face around every corner for the last 4 years I’m just finding it hard to believe that my luck could be changing.   I am however, after seeing the scan yesterday much more confident and am beginning to believe it is now a totally going to happen.  Dare I say I’m actually beginning to enjoy it 🙂

I am pleased to introduce you to my baby girl!


The scan was beautiful,  I’m under St Mary’s in Manchester and I cannot fault them.  The sonographer went through everything with us,  she checked the brain,  the face,  the arms and legs,  the spine and the heart.   It’s unbelievable what they can see on the scan these days.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been there through my journey of the torture that is IVF.  To my supporters not yet in my position,  please don’t give up, I very nearly did and am so happy that I gave it one last go.