Weeks 29 and 30 – Pregnancy pains and baby bond.

I had GTT (gestational diabetes) test week 28.  Was a little annoyed as I thought it was just a blood test,  I had to fast from the night before but as the appointment was at 10am I didn’t think it would be too bad.   I went in at  10.15 so not too late, however,  after first bloods I had to drink a glucose drink and was then told to continue fasting and come back in 2 hours! !!! I wish I’d been told before hand.   I had no time to go home so just had to hang around the hospital for two hours!!! I was nearly passing out by 12.15.  Was worth it though.   They told me they would get back to me on the Monday (next working day) if the results were high.   No call a week later so it’s all good.  No call about 28 week bloods either.

As i went into week 29 I have begun feeling anxious, maybe because the pains and discomfort have started.   I’ve been lucky so far though so I can’t really complain.    Bending down has now become almost impossible and my newest hobby is contortion to try to get my shoes on.  Smudge is heavy now and some days I have been uncomfortable sitting down for long periods but back and pelvis ache when I stand up too.  So far these days are few and far between tho.  Only 3 weeks left at work now.   Finish on 19th December and I’m beginning to think it was the right decision to finish early,  I’ll be nearly 33 weeks by then. 

Today at 29+4 we went for a HD live bonding scan and WOW! ! The experience was amazing.   For those wondering if it is worth the money I would say most definitely! !  Smudge was not playing ball though so we didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked  (never work with children or animals lol).  She kept convering her face with her hands like she was praying.   We got all the measurements though.   Head is measuring 30 weeks and belly 29+4.  She weighs 3lb 3oz and is most definitely a girl,  we have HD pics of her girly bits.  She’ll be so happy about that when she looks through the pictures when she’s older lol. 


We went to babybond in Manchester, I can’t fault them.   The only advice I would give to anyone considering going there would be book your scan at a time when Manchester United aren’t playing at home because the traffic/parking will be horrific!!

It’s all so real now.   Tomorrow we can unpack the pink! !!!


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