Week 31 and 32 – All packed and ready :-/

This week the symptoms of the last trimester have been unmistakable.  The first signs are constant over heating!!!! I’m so glad it’s December and not July.   I’ve been sleeping with bedroom endow open every night  and central heating off.   Much to OH’s disgust ha ha. This has also meant that my rings have had to be removed for the time being due to swelling.   Luckily I first noticed it when my rings were off! !!


The pain and discomfort is showing itself in ernest.  I am finding it very difficult to sit for long periods, when I then stand up and try to walk my pelvis and coccyx is very sore and at times excruciatingly painful.   Once I’ve been up and walking for a few minutes it’s fine but this week I’m starting to struggle at work.  My back is also starting to ache if I stand up for too long.   I just can’t win!!  I have also suffered this week with constant feeling of stretching and again a lot of cramps,  this is obviously due to Smudges growth spurt.   I can tell she doesn’t have as much room now as can feel her bottom sticking out just under my ribs as she turns,  this is happening more and more. 

Went for Whooping cough vaccine this week.   No side effects or even soreness afterwards. 

We went to our first antenatal class (or parentcraft) this week.   The subject was labour :-/ it was actually quite informative,  we weren’t sure whether to go or not but I’m glad we did.   They went through how to tell you’re in labour,  the different stages,  what to do when waters break etc.  I felt sorry for all the young couples there though.   I came out bewildered but I’m pretty sure some of them will have left terrified! !!!

This week I have also been feathering the nest.  Another 2 babies on the Internet forum who are due in February were born this week.   In contrast to the other prem babies their weights are good and they are breathing unaided.   This made me realise that it really could happen any time between now and February so my hospital bag is now packed and ready to go! All Christmas cards are sent and presents are all wrapped.  

Finishing work this week,  so this week HR decided to tell me that after sending me a breakdown of my maternity payments last week,   I was not entitled to Mat leave after all,  so pleased that they decided to wait 4 months to tell me! !!! Anyway is all sorted.   I just have to go back to work earlier than expected,  I just hope I can tear myself away.