Week 38 – Induction part 2

So they checked me at 7.30, 3cm dilated.   MW said she could break my waters but there was no room in the delivery Ward so she would give me some more gel in the hopes that would start labour.  8.45 contractions started but so did the sickness so i spent the following two hours throwing up through the pain! !  and by 10.30 I was crawling round on all 4’s in agony but I couldn’t take any pain killers as could not keep them down.

At this point all I could do was take over the bathroom for the following 2 hours,  I wallowed in a hot deep beautiful Bath until gone 12, it really helped,  it took the edge off the pain, I could have stayed in there all day.   That was until I felt a bit strange about 12.30 so I got out of the bath to use the toilet then ‘pop’ my waters went.   I sat back on the toilet and they were gushing out,  at this point I got scared.   OH was still at work,  they said it would probably take days and now the reality was that it was probably not going to take days but no-one could say how long!

I went back to room in AAU and rang OH so he set off but at work, was more than 2 hours away.  The contractions got gradually stronger and stronger until they were unbearable and even harder because I was in a room on my own crawling around the floor in agony! !  then gas and air came to the rescue and that’s all I needed.  By 2.30 I was fully dilated and wheeled round to the labour Ward,  still no sign of OH but TBH  was far too preoccupied to panic.  
OH arrived about 3pm  by which time I was in the final stage.   Unfortunately there were complications as my blood pressure was rising and so was babies heart rate so I was rushed to theatre in the end and ended up having a spinal and forceps delivery.   Smudgy was finally delivered safely at 18:52 27th  January and I was home the following afternoon.


All I can say at this point is I’m so relieved and so completely in love.   The years of pain and heart ache were so definately worth it and I’d do it all again tomorrow.


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