Week 38 – Induction part 2

So they checked me at 7.30, 3cm dilated.   MW said she could break my waters but there was no room in the delivery Ward so she would give me some more gel in the hopes that would start labour.  8.45 contractions started but so did the sickness so i spent the following two hours throwing up through the pain! !  and by 10.30 I was crawling round on all 4’s in agony but I couldn’t take any pain killers as could not keep them down.

At this point all I could do was take over the bathroom for the following 2 hours,  I wallowed in a hot deep beautiful Bath until gone 12, it really helped,  it took the edge off the pain, I could have stayed in there all day.   That was until I felt a bit strange about 12.30 so I got out of the bath to use the toilet then ‘pop’ my waters went.   I sat back on the toilet and they were gushing out,  at this point I got scared.   OH was still at work,  they said it would probably take days and now the reality was that it was probably not going to take days but no-one could say how long!

I went back to room in AAU and rang OH so he set off but at work, was more than 2 hours away.  The contractions got gradually stronger and stronger until they were unbearable and even harder because I was in a room on my own crawling around the floor in agony! !  then gas and air came to the rescue and that’s all I needed.  By 2.30 I was fully dilated and wheeled round to the labour Ward,  still no sign of OH but TBH  was far too preoccupied to panic.  
OH arrived about 3pm  by which time I was in the final stage.   Unfortunately there were complications as my blood pressure was rising and so was babies heart rate so I was rushed to theatre in the end and ended up having a spinal and forceps delivery.   Smudgy was finally delivered safely at 18:52 27th  January and I was home the following afternoon.


All I can say at this point is I’m so relieved and so completely in love.   The years of pain and heart ache were so definately worth it and I’d do it all again tomorrow.


Week 38 – induction part 1

Not a lot to tell really.   They started the induction about 11.40 last night.   The plan was to monitor smudgy for 40 minutes, if all was ok they would administer the ‘gel’, monitor for another 40 minutes and then if everything ok they would leave me for 6 hours before checking cervix for ‘softening’ and likely start the process again.  

However some of us it seems were taking the whole process more seriously than others!   Whilst they were monitoring smudge for the first 40 minutes,  she fell asleep!! Apparently it looks like she’s a thumb sucker and she just put her thumb in and fell sound asleep meaning that they could not monitor until she woke up!  So it was 2 hours later before the gel was administered! This all sounds very familiar, she slept right through the 4D scan too, no amount of poking or cajoling  was waking this baby up! !  I really hope she sleeps so much on the outside ha ha.

They’re checking me again at 7.30 this morning.  This could take a while 🙂 xx

Week 37 & 38 – WOW

37w – i have been really sore this week with painful skin stretching. I’ve been slapping on the cream though and have got away with still no stretch marks yay!!

Nursery livable,  still got transfers to do on Wall but it is babies name so I don’t want to do them yet just in case we change our mind once she’s born.






Last Sunday we went for a meal with OH family which turned into a kind of impromptu baby shower.   Loads of lovely pressies and a hamper from OH mum and sister.


37+6 – Anyway to get to the main reason for this post for 38 weeks,  this morning I went for routine 38 week antenatal apt which turned out to be not quite as routine as first thought.  My blood pressure was up and protein in sample,  they took bloods and sent me up to antenatal assessment unit,  due to pre-eclampsia they are inducing me,  not next week or tomorrow,  TONIGHT! ! Suddenly after feeling like everything was sorted,  I feel completely unprepared! ! Scared,  excited then scared again.   Just hope it’s over quick and doesn’t drag on for days.

Wow,  the time really is here still amazed!!!!!!!

Week 35 & 36 – Nearly there

All ready,  made it through Christmas and new year,  I really didn’t want a Christmas baby.  Looks like smudge had proved everyone wrong,  I will be officially full term next week and still no sign of her making a appearance. 

My sleep pattern is now completely to pot! !!  I don’t wake up at all to go to toilet as most do,  mine is mainly due to excruciating hearty burn or smudge trying her best to squeeze herself up into my chest cavity!   Ouch!!!  Another bizarre change to my symptoms,  first morning sickness in week 36! It only lasted 2 days Thank goodness, took me a little by surprise! !

I must admit I’m getting a bit bored now,  I know I should be enjoying time of work to relax before the big arrival but I’ve always struggled to do little or nothing.
Nursery is almost sorted,  I just have pics to put on Wall. 




I’m planning to fit cat seat base in OH’s car tonight (saves messing about) I am also going to use my vouchers from work to buy a seat base for my car and get that fitted in a couple of weeks.  


Pic taken new years eve at 34 + 2.

Getting scary now 🙂 xx

Week 33 & 34 – End of an amazing year!

Last antenatal class – all about post natal and breast feeding.   Was quite informative so I’m glad we went.   Need to organise trip around maternity unit for next weekend and need to start thinking about birth plan now it looks like after all the worst case senarios it could actually be a natural birth.   Would love a water birth, I’m going to speak to them at 38 week appointment.  I never in a million years thought I’d get this far! !!

These last week’s I’m hungry most of the time but cannot fit much food in so having to eat little and often.  Heart burn and reflux is also getting worse when I lie down hence the sleepless nights are becoming more often.   I’m so glad I’ve finished work,  am planning to sleep as much as I possibly can over the next few weeks! !!!

Really bad hip pain, stiffness in pubic bone.   Midwife has suggested a maternity support belt or physio.   Might try physio and see if it helps. 

Milk leakage is also getting worse.   Not enough I am having to wear pads yet but over night there is quite a bit. 

Woop woop 34 weeks and still no stretch marks! !! Am moisturising at least twice a day now, am hoping they would have appeared by now if they were going to.  

Pic taken 33 +2


We’re in the final stretch! !

Week 31 and 32 – All packed and ready :-/

This week the symptoms of the last trimester have been unmistakable.  The first signs are constant over heating!!!! I’m so glad it’s December and not July.   I’ve been sleeping with bedroom endow open every night  and central heating off.   Much to OH’s disgust ha ha. This has also meant that my rings have had to be removed for the time being due to swelling.   Luckily I first noticed it when my rings were off! !!


The pain and discomfort is showing itself in ernest.  I am finding it very difficult to sit for long periods, when I then stand up and try to walk my pelvis and coccyx is very sore and at times excruciatingly painful.   Once I’ve been up and walking for a few minutes it’s fine but this week I’m starting to struggle at work.  My back is also starting to ache if I stand up for too long.   I just can’t win!!  I have also suffered this week with constant feeling of stretching and again a lot of cramps,  this is obviously due to Smudges growth spurt.   I can tell she doesn’t have as much room now as can feel her bottom sticking out just under my ribs as she turns,  this is happening more and more. 

Went for Whooping cough vaccine this week.   No side effects or even soreness afterwards. 

We went to our first antenatal class (or parentcraft) this week.   The subject was labour :-/ it was actually quite informative,  we weren’t sure whether to go or not but I’m glad we did.   They went through how to tell you’re in labour,  the different stages,  what to do when waters break etc.  I felt sorry for all the young couples there though.   I came out bewildered but I’m pretty sure some of them will have left terrified! !!!

This week I have also been feathering the nest.  Another 2 babies on the Internet forum who are due in February were born this week.   In contrast to the other prem babies their weights are good and they are breathing unaided.   This made me realise that it really could happen any time between now and February so my hospital bag is now packed and ready to go! All Christmas cards are sent and presents are all wrapped.  

Finishing work this week,  so this week HR decided to tell me that after sending me a breakdown of my maternity payments last week,   I was not entitled to Mat leave after all,  so pleased that they decided to wait 4 months to tell me! !!! Anyway is all sorted.   I just have to go back to work earlier than expected,  I just hope I can tear myself away.

Weeks 29 and 30 – Pregnancy pains and baby bond.

I had GTT (gestational diabetes) test week 28.  Was a little annoyed as I thought it was just a blood test,  I had to fast from the night before but as the appointment was at 10am I didn’t think it would be too bad.   I went in at  10.15 so not too late, however,  after first bloods I had to drink a glucose drink and was then told to continue fasting and come back in 2 hours! !!! I wish I’d been told before hand.   I had no time to go home so just had to hang around the hospital for two hours!!! I was nearly passing out by 12.15.  Was worth it though.   They told me they would get back to me on the Monday (next working day) if the results were high.   No call a week later so it’s all good.  No call about 28 week bloods either.

As i went into week 29 I have begun feeling anxious, maybe because the pains and discomfort have started.   I’ve been lucky so far though so I can’t really complain.    Bending down has now become almost impossible and my newest hobby is contortion to try to get my shoes on.  Smudge is heavy now and some days I have been uncomfortable sitting down for long periods but back and pelvis ache when I stand up too.  So far these days are few and far between tho.  Only 3 weeks left at work now.   Finish on 19th December and I’m beginning to think it was the right decision to finish early,  I’ll be nearly 33 weeks by then. 

Today at 29+4 we went for a HD live bonding scan and WOW! ! The experience was amazing.   For those wondering if it is worth the money I would say most definitely! !  Smudge was not playing ball though so we didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked  (never work with children or animals lol).  She kept convering her face with her hands like she was praying.   We got all the measurements though.   Head is measuring 30 weeks and belly 29+4.  She weighs 3lb 3oz and is most definitely a girl,  we have HD pics of her girly bits.  She’ll be so happy about that when she looks through the pictures when she’s older lol. 


We went to babybond in Manchester, I can’t fault them.   The only advice I would give to anyone considering going there would be book your scan at a time when Manchester United aren’t playing at home because the traffic/parking will be horrific!!

It’s all so real now.   Tomorrow we can unpack the pink! !!!