5DP5DT – Giddy over a flutter

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Ok so following yesterday’s downer, being convinced that it hadn’t worked and it was all over, today my head has switched sides and today I am feeling the love.  This morning I felt definite uteral flutters, followed by twinges most of the day.  I was starving by 11.30 which is just not me and I have just ‘felt pregnant’ all day.

Yes I know, I am setting myself up for a fall, I know that by tomorrow I’ll probably hit rock bottom again and I also know that when I got home to test it couldn’t have been more white but today I’m just feeling it.  I’m feeling optimistic that another miracle could be just around the corner.

Hurry up test day!!


Week 35 & 36 – Nearly there

All ready,  made it through Christmas and new year,  I really didn’t want a Christmas baby.  Looks like smudge had proved everyone wrong,  I will be officially full term next week and still no sign of her making a appearance. 

My sleep pattern is now completely to pot! !!  I don’t wake up at all to go to toilet as most do,  mine is mainly due to excruciating hearty burn or smudge trying her best to squeeze herself up into my chest cavity!   Ouch!!!  Another bizarre change to my symptoms,  first morning sickness in week 36! It only lasted 2 days Thank goodness, took me a little by surprise! !

I must admit I’m getting a bit bored now,  I know I should be enjoying time of work to relax before the big arrival but I’ve always struggled to do little or nothing.
Nursery is almost sorted,  I just have pics to put on Wall. 




I’m planning to fit cat seat base in OH’s car tonight (saves messing about) I am also going to use my vouchers from work to buy a seat base for my car and get that fitted in a couple of weeks.  


Pic taken new years eve at 34 + 2.

Getting scary now 🙂 xx

Week 27 & 28 – Compulsive lying, can I blame pregnancy?

Today I shocked myself! !  I was in the middle of painting and the door bell went.   When I got there it was a woman trying to sell me something,  I’ve no idea where it came from but I just said,  without thinking,  ‘I don’t live here’.  I don’t know if she believed me or if she was just taken aback by my cheek but she just said ‘Oh ok’ and walked away.   As I shut the door I was laughing to myself,  why did I not just say no thank you and shut the door?? Bizarre behaviour lol. 

Painting of the nursery is done.   I won’t post pics though until I’ve put it all together.  I still don’t dare unwrap anything until after the 3D scan in 2 weeks just in case the last sonographer was wrong and I have to return all the pink and exchange for something a little more masculine 🙂 failing that baby smudge will be wearing bling for at least the first 6 months! 

Baby has been moving a lot the last couple of weeks,  not just kicks like before,  I can feel her head/spine sticking out the side.   It’s really quite uncomfortable! !! I’m soooo looking forward to my 3D scan on 29th.  I really hope she behaves herself and we get some really good pictures.

Went for my 28 week appointment today,  they hadn’t booked me in to have my bloods or gestational diabetes tests so I’ve got to go back on Friday gggrr.  They also won’t do the whopping cough vaccine so I need to book in with community midwife.   On the up side I’ve now been discharged from preterm clinic and won’t have another appointment at the hospital now,  only at community midwife.   I’m a bit confused though how the birthing plan is arranged if I don’t have another appointment!   Must ask community midwife in 4 weeks.  

I’ve also booked in for a antenatal classes,  3rd December – labour.  10th December – Pain management.   17th December – Post natal and Breastfeeding.

It’s all becoming a little bit too real now :-/  I can’t believe after all the extra appointments and monitoring ‘just in case’ everything had gone exactly as it should.   Was not expecting that at all.  

Week 23 – Update on unicornuate uterus

I realise that I have not recently given any information on how my condition is affecting my pregnancy.  When I originally found out and did some Internet searches I could not find much information which was one of the reasons I started the blog. 


I was told long before I got pregnant,  even before I started the IVF that the unicornuate uterus should not affect getting pregnant and most people who have this don’t know until after they get pregnant,  some never know!   The only reason I had to have IVF is because I only have one tube (related to unicornuate uterus) and the other one is completely fused.   I also have PSOS.   

So far in the pregnancy by 23 weeks it’s been plain sailing (touch wood! ).  I have been under consultant care and my obstetrician has referred me to the preterm clinic.   The only reason for this is because my uterus is half the size of normal which may (due to lack of space for baby) trigger early labour (similar to how it could for twins).  

I had the first appointment at 18 weeks,  one at 23 weeks (today) and have my last one with preterm at 28 weeks.   At these appointments I see a midwife as normal for urine/blood pressure checks etc,  they also do an internal scan to check the length of my cervix which would show early signs of premature labour being likely.   My cervix had been found normal so far.  

At 28 Weeks the survival rate of a premature birth is over 90% so I will then be referred back to my consultant and depending what she thinks I will be referred either to the antenatal clinic or I will continue under her consultant care.

So to any of you reading this who have maybe just had this diagnosis,  it will not necessarily affect anything at all.  I hope this info will put your mind at rest.